Friday, February 26, 2010

An embarrassment of yarny riches

I was so excited yesterday to find, neatly wrapped up in my mailbox, this:

It's more of the superwash from Midnight Sheep that I used for the Milkshake Scarflet. I loved the tiny efficiency of that project but afterward my hands were missing the feel of the yarn so much I had to order more.

Of course, the idea I had for these colours shifted between order and arrival and needs more fine-tuning before I can begin, but I'll have to settle for hugging the skeins periodically for a while.

Because later in the day, this arrived:

It's just about everything I need to knit the sample of one of the larger projects that will appear in Kathleen Taylor's new book. But more on that next week - right now, I gotta go swatch!


Karen said...


You. Are. Kidding.

No, really -- it's *that* big???

Mary Keenan said...

Yep ;^) Hours of peaceful, meditative knitting lined up right there in one box!

Kathleen Taylor said...

.... heh....