Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hearting socks

I've been dreading February, not least because I still haven't finished my Christmas knitting. But there was an upside to February 1st:

Yep, it's another magical skein from the Biscotte et Cie sock club! I love the surprise of getting Vesper Sock Club yarn in the mail every month, but this is a different kind of fabulous: you get all three club skeins in one shipment, and then you have to wait a few weeks before you get to open even the first package to see what's inside. Talk about building excitement... even on Saturday I was thinking, two days to go! Just two small days!

Almost as though it was a good thing I had only two days left before I failed in my mission to finish Carol's Christmas shawl before January was over. (I really did fail, btw - there's another 14 or so hours in it.)

Then, a few hours into the day, you get an e-mail with an exclusive pattern in it. Picture this gorgeous yarn in a sock with hearts worked onto the shin, and more detail on the top of the foot:


But then I snap back to reality and accept that there is no way I can finish Carol's shawl and knit Valentine's socks in less than two weeks.

Still... it's wool with some nylon for reinforcement, exactly what I concluded I'd have to use for the guy-socks I was going to knit for a friend's present for Christmas 2009 if only I had time.

That guy would totally wear this colour, and if it's red enough for Valentine's Day, it's red enough for Christmas, don't you think? Plus if I start now - I might actually be done before December 25th.

I know, I know: famous last words. Still. Wouldn't they be perfect?

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