Thursday, March 11, 2010

Big Project update

I had to get off the Fair Isle wagon over the weekend, and this week I've had to go to a few of the sorts of meetings where people frown on other people pulling out charted knitting, so I'm not as far along with Big Project, Small Needles as I hoped I'd be.

However, in spite of all that plus a two-hour power outage that had me knitting while perched near a windowsill yesterday afternoon, I did make progress:

I must say that for such a complicated looking sweater, it's a peach to knit, which is typical of Kathleen's design work.

In fact I would go so far as to say it's relaxing. Proof: at one point during the power outage I had to knit while reclining on a bed under what was then the brightest window in the house, and I actually fell asleep for a bit.

Which isn't to say it's boring. Or slow, come to that. I'd forgotten, or maybe not noticed before, how much faster it is to knit elaborate colourwork than a solid, with or without cables.

With cables, you have to flip and adjust and fuss, but with colour you just raise and lower your index finger to pick up the different strands. And you're not watching a pot boil either, looping through the rows and waiting for the steam to hit another inch. You're thinking only of drawing the picture row by row, absorbed by one layer until you're ready for the next, and the inches pass without much notice at all.

Unless you're knitting to a deadline. And since I am: 6.5" from the bottom on the main section. Plus, this morning, going to the sort of meeting where I can knit, chart or no chart. Go me!


heklica said...

I like the sweater cup idea a lot as I always have a need to calculate/visualize how far I still have to go with a project. But does this mean that you are actually knitting the sleeves at the same time as the body?

You made me laugh with this falling asleep story! It happened to me once and it was such a nice feeling that I wish I could myself to sleep with knitting more often :) It's just that I don't dare say it to anyone :)))

Mary Keenan said...

The sleeves are on separate needles, but - yeah, I'm knitting them too! It's a time management thing - the body is easier to take along as travel knitting because I don't have to think about adding in stitches and, consequently, extra pattern. So if I'm knitting at home with a couple of hours to dedicate to it, it's sleeves.

I often close my eyes with my knitting just to give them a rest but oh, how nice to have an actual nap with this particular yarn in my hands! It was like the best stuffy ever - if you didn't notice the two sharp pointy bits sticking out of it ;^)

Kathleen Taylor said...

I would far far far rather knit a Fair Isle sweater on size 3 needles than a single color sweater on size 8 needles. All that stockinette stitch bores me to tears (unless I'm knitting socks).

I'm cheering you on!

heklica said...

What a clever idea to split the project into the migratory and sedentary part! Never occurred to me.

Sally Anne said...

Good for you Mary...I love watching the progress.