Friday, September 3, 2010

Cute as a monkey?

I just looked through my Ravelry 'projects' history and apparently the last four things I've made (and can share images of) have been socks. Clearly socks have become my go-to recreational project, in spite of the eyestrain-in-car problem.

Having established that, I just dug out a nice Vesper stripey from the Sock Club that I divided into two balls and started socks with sometime last winter. Looking at the two non-matchy socks I recall that I was experimenting with different stitches.

One definitely doesn't work and I've frogged it back to the 63-st ribbing.

The other I'm kinda on the fence for.

I like having a chance to draw the colour from one stripe into another, and it's super simple to knit which makes it perfect for in-car work, and because it's a slipped stitch pattern I'd pretty much have to go to plain stocking stitch for the foot - don't want to go pulling up the length on the top of the foot compared to the sole, right? - which meets my desire for super insanely mindless sock knitting.

But in the back of my mind I saw these stitches just as an experiment - really, I always intended to make another pair of Monkeys with this (as they might, um, be not for me, and should therefore be special.) If you just saw this stitch on its own it might be all right, but... compared to a Monkey? Definitely not as cute. Still - fun knit, and already well underway, and more informal than Monkeys, which would probably suit Not Me's sock-inclined shoes a bit better.

We should probably disregard the fact that Monkeys are 64 sts and would require me to frog back to the cast on. (or can I regard that?)

So... what do you think? Monkeys or Slippys?

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