Friday, September 10, 2010

Taking this show on the road

It occurred to me last night that perhaps all of these mini-disasters with new projects I want to start are a sign that I should finish some of the ones I have on the needles, so I devised a recovery plan.

Part A: I spent last night working on one I can't write about and it's looking both awesome and nearly done - two equally exciting features don't you find?

Part B: I realized that carting around a huge mitten book with pencil scrawlings in it was holding me back from knitting even a minimum of orphanage mittens this month, and typed up the entire child-sized pattern (plus, um, a me-sized version) in a more portable format. Then I got my next colour combo wound and set up and ready to take with me anywhere and

Ready for the road! (large-sized knitting bag courtesy of tinyhappy.)

Yes, it's true that I have a small bus trip lined up for today, but the big trip is to the Knitter's Fair in Kitchener tomorrow. I cannot wait. I'm hoping to pick up some semi-and/or-solid-dyed merino fiber for spinning, and maybe another midweight spindle that balances well, and maybe some mitten yarn. I don't need any more yarn, of course, but I feel it's important to be open to exciting new colours or fibers, don't you?

And with luck, I'll have a couple of pairs of finished mittens tucked away before I'm back here on Monday.

I'm not sure which colour combo I'll use after this one - I don't want to do two pairs the same to get mixed up at the door on a cold day - and I'm also thinking I'll need to come up with some entirely different yarn for at least one pair, or else scale down the number of stitches, so I can make a variety of sizes. As it is, the size I'm knitting is supposed to fit toddlers and appears to fit much larger-sized children. H'mmmmm.


heklica said...

Have a good time at the Knitter's Fair, can't wait to see your shopping :)

Unknown said...

Where did you get that bag? It's wonderful.

Mary Keenan said...

Angela, it's yet another of my tinyhappy bags - I am, um, kind of addicted to them, which is to say that all the ones you see in my blog photos, and you may have noticed there are rather a range of them, are tinyhappies. I've edited this entry to add the link to the shop, right below the photo!