Tuesday, April 5, 2011

At long last: yarn!

You'd think I'd never seen yarn before. But I bet you get a little rush every time you see something new and gorgeous, right?

I was so preoccupied with the dentist on Friday - for nothing, because: no cavities! - I forgot it was April 1, aka Biscotte Club Mystery Parcel Opening Day.  Around noon I got an e-mail with this month's pattern in it and went zinging over to the cubby where I have been keeping said parcels.  Look what was inside:

Please note gratuitous shot of my newly snow-free garden.

This colour is not true on the screen but rather a vivid Eastery purple.  Still, you get the sheen here, right? It's from the seacell that's blended with superwash merino.  As it happens the accompanying pattern is for some very pretty handwarmers (!!) but this yarn is also perfect for baby things.

As it also happens, a friend of mine is having a baby, and I've been really wanting to make her a little baby cardi.  I like to do this for people's not-first babies; this is her third, and so often by the third people are like Yeah, whatever on the superspecial baby gift front.  Also, she has two boys now and while statistically she is most likely to have another, it might be a girl, and purple is a pretty fun colour for either one.  At least I thought so, but in fact I spoke to her yesterday and she agreed with me, so we're a go.

Not a go: the pattern. I have only about 330 yards and while I could supplement that, I'd also like to do so exclusively on the borders, and even then just in a pinch.  And I want to knit it now, not in September
when we find out whether it's a little brother or a baby sister.  You'd be amazed how many baby sweater patterns have either a ton of yarn-sucking garter or gender-specific buttonhole bands you knit during the whole and not when the bulk of it is done, or both.  Like, all of them, as far as I can tell.  H'mmmmm.

Any suggestions?

In other yarny news, guess what arrived after about 24 days on the road?

la la la la la Twisted Club Roving la la

and now I want to spin yarn.

...and knit a baby sweater, and fingerless gloves, and Mystery Pattern, and my two sweaters.

Good thing it's another rainy day, isn't it?


Kate/Massachusetts said...

I don't have a specific baby pattern suggestion but I would recommend you scroll back through Grumperina's blog for some ideas. She has been knitting a lot of baby sweaters.

Mary Keenan said...

Thanks for the tip! I'll head right over.