Friday, April 1, 2011

Weekend! right after the sharp pointies.

I have my semi-annual date with the dentist today, which translates to another day of planning some portable knitting.  Usually this is sock time, but usually I'm not having my teeth and gums examined with sharp pointy objects.  I don't think I'll be up to lace and double pointed needles either going over or coming back home afterward.

So after stowing the sock sweater into my messenger bag last night I tracked down my sole remaining pair of in-progress socks where they were languishing in the tote I use for car trips.  This means I haven't touched them since Sunday, which almost gave me pain when I realized it.  How can I finish them if I don't work on them?

Status report: one sock needed one and a quarter repeats to get to the ribbing, and the other needs two and a half.  There is seriously no reason for me not to be wearing these socks already, and if I'd just given them priority over things like laundry, vacuuming, and clearing out that storage room (which is onto the really painful decision-making now, including what, among all the fabrics I've been storing for 5-20 years, I might actually sew with in the next six months).  Gah.

You may perhaps see where this is going: in spite of our having a standing date every night, Mariner only got about half an hour's attention, and the rest of the time I had went to getting that nearly-done sock up to the ribbing so that the other can be Travel Knitting on Saturday, when I'm usually good for at least one pattern repeat, maybe one and a half.

And today, since it's freezing cold out again in spite of now being April and a dental day to boot, I will be wearing the super squishiest socks in the sock cubby.

(And being glad that I finished them first.)

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