Monday, April 11, 2011

Handwarmers: complete

I finished these Churchmouse handwarmers last week but it took me till yesterday to interest somebody in the notion of photographing my hands, go figure.

This pattern is so well written.  It's a pleasure to knit up something so straightforward, and the lusciousness of the yarn and its colouring doesn't hurt either.  Even though I was supposed to be doing so many other things I just couldn't stop.

Of course being me I still managed to mess up the thumb in the exact same way all three times, in spite of ripping it out and repeating it a few times each time, but by cleverly leaving a long tail at castoff and weaving my way down to the problem area, I was able to duplicate stitch the offending hole shut such that you'd never know (if I hadn't just written it here.)

Last time, I downloaded the Churchmouse pattern I wanted and printed it out on foldable paper to cart around with me.  This time I bought it from a yarn shop, and it came on quite heavy, slightly glossy, legal sized card stock. Not so portable but golly, that oversized card with its soothing white spaces and lovely, lovely photographs really added to the aesthetic delight of the experience. If I buy another pattern I don't know which format I'll choose.

The pattern calls for five ridges at the wrist, which is just long enough to turn my current, unattractive wristwatch into an even more unattractive lump.  So I've put these aside to the gift pile, and will knit a new pair for myself with perhaps just two ridges. And then I think I'll go shopping for a new, very flat, watch.  Can't have purely practical accessories interfering with the luxurious ones, can we?

Hopefully I won't have too many more super distracting wristwarmers slowing down the projects with deadlines this week but, you know. It's not looking good. Stay tuned!

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heklica said...

Last year I bought a very fat wristwatch, something I've regretted every time I tried to put on a pair of handwarmers!

These are really pretty!