Friday, April 29, 2011

Fit for a queen

... and now that the wedding part of the Royal Wedding is complete, I'm just popping in as promised with a photo of my mystery-shawl-in-progress:

I absolutely love the way this is looking.  I know some people knit tons of shawls for the sheer joy of lace and the beautiful end product, but I find it hard to wear lace, what with not having a remotely elegant lifestyle and all.  Even if the rest of this shawl turns out to be very lacy indeed I think I'll be able to pull it off anywhere because of these heavier stitches at the start.

I'll tell you one thing though:

I will be buying a much longer circular needle at the Knitter's Frolic tomorrow.  The stitches are already bursting off this 24" one.

It's not too late to join in - two more clues are coming, the first of which won't be published till tomorrow, possibly at the very moment I might be buying another skein of shawl-friendly yarn, heh.  

... and now back to the TV for Balcony Watch.  And some serious propping up of eyelids because my goodness, I am not a morning person let alone a 5am in the morning person.

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Unknown said...

I'm watching, too. Been up since 4 here on the east coast. They are a precious couple. Your shawl looks lovely, I have only completed 1/4 of clue #2, had to rip back a bit. You really do have to pay attention to this one!

Enjoy your wedding watching!