Thursday, April 21, 2011

One-armed purple baby sweater

It's going to have two arms eventually.  See?

I have so many projects on the go (and another I'm on the brink of falling in to, owing to my friend hert having pointed out of the start of a compellingly yummy mystery shawl knitalong) it's quite surprising to me I've still found time to reach for any one of them in particular.  Of course, they all use fantastic yarn, and the purple baby sweater is no different (Thalassa from Biscotte & Cie - scroll down at the link and e-mail the shop if you're wondering about more stock.)

I am so relaxed knitting this that my stitches seem to be getting a bit sloppy and uneven.

Elizabeth Zimmermann wrote that she used to think old timey knitters worked more evenly than she did because their stuff looked so good decades after completion, until she noticed that everything evens up after a few washings. I hope that's also true for objects made without the exclusive use of wool, but you know what?  I can always reknit this sleeve if the other one comes out looking a lot better.  It's not like it would be a hardship.

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