Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The start of something

Some things that have been conspiring against me:

A discussion in a Twisted Fiber Art fan group of what to knit this summer

The nearly-there progress of Sock Sweater to the point where I must start alternating between two cakes of yarn, rendering it less portable and mindless

The awareness that I haven't done a free pattern in about two months

A desire to buy a lot more Twisted Fiber Art yarn for socks in spite of the two skeins still in my stash

High levels of the sort of stress that breeds escapism

and the idea for this item.

Instead of napping on Sunday, or staring blankly at the TV or getting something important done so as to avoid having to do it later when I might be even less inclined, I spent about three hours working out and typing up the math for this little project.  It doesn't look like much right now, does it?

Well, stay tuned, heh. 
(okay - it may go on not looking like much, but it might still be interesting to find that out, right?)

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