Thursday, April 7, 2011

How the lace turned out

I dressed up my latest toe-up-pattern-testing socks with the lace stitch from my Winter Garden Hat.  I love that stitch - it's easy to memorize, it shifts once in the repeat to keep my interest up, and so much happens every other row that I'm always satisfied with how it looks.

I'm especially pleased with the impact of all that action on stripey yarn.

These socks still aren't perfect: the lace stitch draws in the fabric a lot, and while that worked okay over the foot where half the fabric is stockinette, the legs are a bit snug.  I can get them on (with a little attention) and once on, they're quite comfortable, but they certainly aren't going to do any falling down.  Another time, I'd make the socks a bit wider, or add a few more stitches to the leg.

Meanwhile though, yum.  And how cute is the wavy little stockinette panel on the sides?

I've been in my boots for so long now, I forgot how cute all my Vesper socks look in a pair of Mary Janes, even scuffed ones that need some love and polish.

These stripes say Fall to me, but my feet are saying Bring on the Spring!