Monday, April 18, 2011

Something else to spin

March and April have been a grueling pair of months, worse even than January and February, so much so that lately I've been remembering with much wistfulness the comparative peace just before Christmas last year when I ended most days watching end-of-war episodes of Foyle's War on PBS and drafting out club roving from Twisted Fiber Art (colourway: Quirky.)

Over the weekend when I was tidying up some accumulated crafty refuse, I found my bag of spinning-in-progress and looked inside:

Then, putting something else away, I found two undrafted pieces and panicked: surely I tore the original skein into four, the better to ply two balls of it?  I distinctly remember deciding to spin this with its stripes intact, and drafted accordingly. 

Where was the fourth?  I stopped cleaning.

Whew. It was in my Viola bag, the better to be carted around... I think I thought January was going to be a breeze after all the frenzy of gift knitting.  (This piece was only partially drafted when I found it but, erm, I decided to put the cleaning on hold.)

I couldn't help noticing while finishing it off that it will match my green cardi perfectly.  How, do you think, can I stretch this 100g of yarn out into a full scarf?  With big needles and lace, I suppose, but h'mmmmm all the same.  Maybe a better plan is fingerless gloves that stretch up my arm, covering the parts the two-short sleeves have missed?

Questions aside it was all very timely, finding the Quirky.  Because look what I found during Friday's round of Helping Mum Pack:

8 episdoes, just over an hour and a half each.  I think April might possibly finish a lot more bearably than it started, don't you?

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