Thursday, March 31, 2011

Bits and bobs

What a week it has been (and looks like it will continue to be, as with most of my weeks lately), even on the yarny front.

I have been working steadily away on the decided-on size of my Mariner sweater in the evenings last thing, even if it's just for an hour before I fall over, and it's starting to look like something:

A very lumpy something, but hopefully that will come out in the wash, literally.  I still love everything about the half-linen stitch, by the way.  Who wouldn't?  The more there is of it, the more beautiful it looks to me.

I found a moth in the house last night.  It looks like an ordinary outside-the-house moth, too big for the wool-eating kind.  I'm sure I've seen this kind of moth lots of times before without sad consequences but it really, really freaked me out.

That might have been because I received more wool in the mail yesterday, the nature and purpose of which I cannot tell you right now, but having felt compelled immediately to wind it into workable yarn and get knitting, I am pretty sure you are totally going to want this pattern when it comes out.  Not necessarily because of my pattern (to which I must say I am growing quite partial) but because of the yaaarrrrnnn, oh boy.

Yarn I did not receive, again: my March club roving from Twisted Fiber Art.  Everybody but me and one other Canadian has had theirs for a couple of weeks and I've been resisting looking at their stash pictures.  If it doesn't turn up today or tomorrow I'm going to start posting a ClubWatch line at the end of everything I write until it gets here, because I need company in this particular misery.

Today it is rainy and miserable looking and I don't have to go out till later which makes it a perfect day for -

nope, not knitting. More storage-clearing.  Still, the sooner it's done, the sooner I get to knit with abandon again, so it's worth it, right? And maybe I can budget in a bonus hour for the Mariner, or the Newest Secret Project.  It's got the most irresistable yarn on the needles right now, and I will eversomuch need a treat.

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