Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I finished something

... and of course, it's the thing I started last.

The other night I noticed I had only the cuffs left to do so I sat down and did them.  I even remembered the ins and outs of the super stretchy bindoff without even looking at my notes this time!

That's because I've been finetuning my personalized toe-up recipe for so long now, I could do these components in my sleep.  Which is another way of saying I am getting a little tired of knitting toe-up socks.  Socks, even! which won't last, but will open the door no doubt to other kinds of small projects, if I can tear myself away from sweaters long enough to start any.

This time I did some fancy short rows just for the ankle and accidentally extended the heel flap, which was unfortunate because between the contrast toe, heel, and cuff and the heavily patterned main colour, I have ended up with freakishly long-looking heels.

That's okay though.  I will wear them with boots - they are too thick for my Mary Janes - and frankly they are so soft and squishy and flexible they could look like [insert something deeply unpleasant here] and I would still wear them.  Twisted Fiber Art's Duchess - treat yourself!

I still have some purple left - not enough for socks I don't think, but definitely for Turkish Bed Socks, so that pattern is moving up on the queue now.  Do Bed Socks count as socks?


Unknown said...

I went through a period in the fall when I was sick of socks. I made all my Christmas gifts and even began the new year with new non-sock projects. I just picked up a pair I had put on hold and finished them and then IMMEDIATELY cast on a new pair. You're right, it doesn't last long!

Kathleen Taylor said...

Love love love the socks- and the long heel looks like it's there on purpose!