Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Join me on the porch

Yesterday the afternoon was sunny and above freezing so I took Hugs outside to enjoy my new magazine:

Yep, no matter what's on the stands, I always seem to buy Interweave Knits, this time the delicious Spring 2011 issue.

Last weekend I nipped into a yarn store looking for something it didn't have, and time constraints meant I couldn't ask about what it did have, namely a cool shawl with undulating short rows that pushed its self-striping yarn all out of position in an alluring way. It was not Susan Dittrich's Pinkerton Shawl, which I found while hunting on Ravelry after the fact:

but I love the shawl so much, it is why I got the magazine. 

Now that I have it, I think I also quite like rather an unbelievable amount Maria Leigh's Hexagon Petal Tee, which I would make longer and wear as a vest:

Bonus: I've never knit anything modular and it might be nice to learn how to do that.

It would also be good to learn how to do shaped intarsia, since I am so terrible at the regular kind even.  Thank you Daniela Nii for figuring out a way to make me want to try it, aka Hourglass Pillows.

There are some other cool shaping things I would like to have time to try.

I think I could pull off Amy Christoffers' pretty V-Yoke Cardigan, over there on the right, in both the knitting and wearing departments.

And how cute is AnneLena Mattison's Ruched Yoke Tee on the left, not to mention Shelley Gerber's Gossamer Smocked Tunic, in blue on the right?

I would wear either of those as a vest too.  In fact I shoulda had a vest on after five minutes of going through this magazine because you know what?  Above freezing does not equal warm. 

Soon though. By the time I finish one of these projects, it'll totally be spring.

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