Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Socks to that

The only thing crazier than the size of my sock yarn stash or the number of socks I've been knitting lately is the fact that as of last night, I had no handknit socks to wear today.

Yes.  I looked in the sock cubby around 8 and it was empty, and then I looked in the bowl of socks to be washed (in which I usually wash said socks, since I never accumulate more than four pairs before I start panicking about the sock cubby being empty) and there were

Ten Pairs.

I had to do the bowl-wash in three installments because the washer was otherwise occupied.

So now I know: ten pairs of socks seems like a lot, but it's not, especially when three are too warm for anything but supercold winter days and one of the remaining seven are summertime ankle socks (worn in desperation a few days ago owing to the dwindlingness of sock cubby contents.)  I also know that time-sucking decluttering has impacts far beyond bruised finger muscles and aching legs and feet.  I mean, who runs out of time and energy to drop socks into a bowl of Soak-infused water?

All of which makes me feel annoyed with myself for having fingers too sore from packing and lifting to work on the current lightweight socks:

Though I did get them well onto the ankle last week.

I really like how the lace pattern is disrupting the line of the stripes.

My fingers are still sore today but I'm bringing one of these socks along with me anyway for long public transit rides.  No waiting for International Knit In Public Day for this girl.

But first... gotta go check the laundry line and see if I have a pair of socks dry enough to put on yet.  My toes are cold!


Brendaknits said...

I wash my socks weekly with the normal laundry. I have been known to put them in the dryer occasionaly, but most often hang them to dry.

Mary Keenan said...

I need to start doing this!

heklica said...

You have only ten pairs?! :)))