Thursday, March 17, 2011


Helena has not only dyed my custom mawata(s?) but sent me images (these are them, taken by her) and I am doing happy skippy dances over the lusciousness.

I have no idea whether I can pull off a viable garment with this, but I sure am going to have fun trying.

Meanwhile: travel knitting.  I am out and about a lot the next few days and needed a project that wasn't at a difficult stage. Since I couldn't resist knitting the socks that were supposed to be in reserve for this purpose, thereby bringing them to a difficult stage, I worked frantically to get the more complicated socks past their heels.

This is the first one, finished before supper last night; the second arrived at its destination a few hours later.

I'm trying not to bet I'll be wearing these on Monday, but you know - I bet I'll be wearing them on Monday.

P.S. - in spite of the frantic, I made an executive decision that it is spring and changed the banner from snow to flowers.  Enjoy!

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Kathleen Taylor said...

Are you going to spin the silk, or knit it unspun? Either way, whatever you make will be gorgeous!