Thursday, March 10, 2011

Speed socks

Here is how far I can get in a day on a sock if I don't stop to clean or to knit three other things too:

I was so desperate to get past the mohair socks that took forever (though on further inspection, 'forever' appears to be about 1 month) I cast on another pair while they were still drying from their wet block.  The yarn is another club colourway from Knitterly Things, the skein I'd gotten into two perfectly-matched cakes about two months ago. This is another way of saying that I grabbed the only yarn that was ready to go, I was that anxious to have new travel knitting. 

At first I wasn't sure about the colours, which I find gorgeous but not really my first choice for springtime socks. Then I noticed the caramel colour kinda matches another caramel colour I've been knitting with.

Yep, the Mariner.  Which I'm still fussing over the size of, in case you were wondering.  Still, when I do get it done - I'll be so matchy!

1 comment:

heklica said...

I like the way the stripes are turning out, very neat. An unusual colour combination but it works.