Wednesday, March 23, 2011

In transit

I did some bus and subway knitting yesterday - but only some, because my fingers are still so sore and slow from all the packing, and then waiting outside the mall for it to open I got silly and took my gloves off to knit in the cold.  I shouldn't do this because I end up with a much tighter tension and then it takes ages for my hands to warm up enough to knit again indoors, but I was so anxious to believe it is spring! and then this morning I looked out the window and:


Plus a grey sky.

Winter coat it is, then.

In my travels through the mall I was struck by how much our economy depends on the transfer of goods into our homes - no wonder my basement is so clogged!  I felt rather above it all, even though bright colourful spring clothes are in the windows and I well remember the excitement of bringing home a few fresh things to try out with everything I had already.  Dressing to suit myself rather than the new trends has worked well enough for me these last few years to make me almost impervious to the lure of the new.  Go me! I thought.

Then later Trish, my local enabler, sent me a note calling to my attention a sale on Indigo Moon fingering weight.  Like I need more sock yarn, ha!  But of course I went over to Dodge Creations anyway - I knew already it's a lovely shop - and



the four colours remaining were brown, red, orange, and a sort of coral.  I instantly saw in my mind a Fair Isle sweater, the like of which I have not been able to afford the yarn for.

I did think about it for maybe 15 minutes, while I hunted around in Kathi's Fair Isle book for how much yarn one might reasonably need for a sock weight sweater.  But after that, I gave in.

And now it's on its way here so... I guess I'd better get busy on the Mariner, right?  and get rid of a little extra from the basement in between times.

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