Friday, March 18, 2011


My travels yesterday took me within range of Stitch, my verymostfavourite yarn store (and not least because Jocelyn also sells some of the most beautiful coordinating fabrics I've ever seen.) 

It's hard to describe what makes this place so wonderful but I think it's really just Jocelyn herself and her fantastic visual sense - just the right combination of open space and antiques-as-storage, just the right number of samples, placed decoratively near the yarn that went into them, just the right number of comfy seating spaces.  And old baking tins with pools of buttons in them.  I love buttons.  I love how peaceful and inspired I feel in that store.

I need absolutely nothing but wasn't going to leave without some special thing - it's not like I get in there more than three times a year after all - and when I saw some pretty handwarmers and Jocelyn told me the pattern was from Churchmouse Yarns aka the good people who brought me Turkish Bed Socks, I had to have the yarn that made them (and the pattern, of course.)

I also bought her last copy of January/February 2011's Piecework. 

Golly I love this magazine.

Shall we take a closer look at the Manos Silk Blend?

Yum.  Two skeins makes three pairs of fingerless mitts, so I should have some nice easy mindless knitting for a good long while now.  Which is not to say I didn't finally get all four current socks-in-progress past their heels, but that's another story for after the weekend.

Have a great one yourself!

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