Monday, March 28, 2011

Eye Candy

After a rushy aroundy 3-day weekend (not the fun holidaying kind either) I seem to be having a very hoppy splotty morning wherein talking about pretty yarny pictures is The Way To Go.  I mean if you're here, you like yarn too, right?


My Indigo Moon yarns arrived last Thursday, unaware that they were about to go either into service as a Fair Isle pullover or back into a storage type thingy.

We have dark chocolatey brown,

(four browns really, but these three were the most get-alongy)

and pumpkin

and two reds and a coral which is called something else I forget right now,

a fact that may be irrelevant since there seem to be closely related parts to these colours that will make it inadvisable to place them together in the same rows or even in side-by-each ones.

If you read about this particular yarn on Ravelry you will find that it is unusually well-reviewed. I mean, somebody usually finds something not to like about every yarn.  Not this one apparently.  The only beefs were mentioned with complete acceptance, like for example that - being hand-dyed - each skein will vary from its companions and need to be integrated well if a larger project such as a giant-sized Fair Isle sweater is planned, for example by me.


If the entire expanse of such a garment will be patterned, that doesn't matter so much, but I'm going to have vast expanses of Just Brown and therefore it will matter a lot that one of the skeins is the deepest imaginable brown and another is almost as brown and the two remaining have quite a lot of hot chocolatey froth such as you might find on the top of mug.

Here is my lazy solution:

Deep brown for most of the bottom of the body, eventually merging row by row with less-deep brown, the frothy guys for the sleeves (potentially merged so that one half of one is used for the lower edge of each sleeve and then merged with one half of the other for the upper part of the sleeve), and a total hodgepodge of whatever is left for the yoke.

And with that possibly blindly optimistic idea in my head: I'm back to the hoppy splotty, nicely refreshed.  Hope you have a good day too!


Anonymous said...

I have to say, I don't think that's satisfactory. I mean, the yarn, not your solution, which sounds like a reasonable response. The question is, will you posting a review to warn future buyers?

Mary Keenan said...

I expect so - though really I'm so used to this problem now, having knit so little with solid colour yarns over the past couple of years! Normally I get around it by knitting one-skein projects. I hope this fix works for this one...