Friday, March 25, 2011

Fitting vs knitting

Okay: time to talk Mariner Sweater.  I have dutifully knit a good deal of the smaller size than I started off with originally.

Not more than I did the original size, but definitely more than I kept of the original size after frogging away some bad-looking stitches.  Clue one that I am overthinking this sweater, I know.

I have spent a lot of time with a tape measuring me and measuring these pieces, without a tape holding up the pieces to me or to each other, and without either tape or pieces but instead eating chocolate while pondering

(irony alert, since not eating chocolate would make the smaller size the obvious choice in practically no time, unless you find time without chocolate to be time that moves slower than a rock over a horizontal surface with nobody around to push it)

and here is what I have decided:

I need to go with the original size.


Okay, maybe I'm not so much overthinking as prolonging the knitting process because I loooooove the accent stitch on this sweater.  It's formed by such a fluid motion and the resulting fabric is just delicious to me.  Look, it's like a waving sea:

and it feels fabulous to touch.  I can't seem to get enough.  Which is good since the larger size has a larger expanse of it.

Because it's 9 degrees below freezing this morning and none of the snow that fell the other day is even thinking of melting, I still have time to wear this sweater before October if I just get moving already.  Probably the other in-progress socks would look as awesome with it as the first pair, should all three projects be complete before we get little birds in their nests agreeing about things:

You might have to use your imagination here but I promise, there really is some toffee in there with the yellows and pinks and purples.  Also a lot of desperate optimism in me.

Anyway even I didn't have those incentives to speed up the process, I still have to get going and finish the Mariner.

'cause guess what Fair Isle goodness arrived on my porch yesterday?

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