Monday, June 6, 2011

Hopelessly overcommitted

It finally hit me this weekend, when I was organizing my little bags from Tinyhappy (and the big one from Viola) into 'knitting at the party', 'knitting at the car', and 'knitting to finish': I am drowning in a sea of unfinished projects.

That is a misleading photograph because the second-biggest bag (sock sweater) has two sleeves tucked into it for the simple reason that I needed their bags as transportation for other things.  Also, I realized later that the purple baby sweater isn't in there - I didn't have a bag for it so it ended up in a bowl in the kitchen for 'knitting while cooking'.  This is just the things I work on every day or two, too - not the ones I've neglected lately.

We've been talking a bit about multiple projects versus serial monogamy over at Knitting and Tea and Cookies.  I used to be a one-project-at-a-time girl but that was because I was a student, seriously broke and moving house every 4-8 months.  I suspect this creative and spatial poverty is why I keep gorging at the banquet of my current stash now. 

The upside: you have knitting that works for every occasion (see 'party', 'car', 'cooking' above).  You never need to be not knitting. 

The downside: you are never not knitting, never free in your mind because there is always something you could be working on. If you are me, you are usually harbouring a little bonus guilt.

Also if you are me and essentially a product rather than process knitter, it's just not good.  Two or three rotating projects, absolutely.  More than four?  Not relaxing.

All of which is to say that last night I sat down with my Ravelry project page and cleaned it up; I put two projects I want to work on but aren't as much of a priority right now (my mawata mitts and my Mariner sweater) into hibernation, and I loaded up the recent secret shawl because it's finished (reward!), and the recent secret socks I probably didn't mention starting because they aren't (accountability.)

And today I feel a bit cleaner.

That would be the end of today's post but just in case anybody was wondering how the first chemo cap is coming along, here it is:

More on that later.  Have a great Monday!

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