Thursday, June 2, 2011

It's definitely not winter

The weather hasn't been warm long enough for me to be used to the amount of green outside the window over my desk.  So much green!  All the early morning sunlight is filtering through it.  Someday I would like to knit with this shade of green - moments of dark dappled by lightening shades of almost yellow.  With a few shots of lilac or blossom thrown in.

For now though I'll settle with spruce.  Yep, cast on my Deco yesterday in spruce! And that's all I did, because the sewing project proved almost insurmountable and wasn't done till after 11.  I have two more things to sew in the next two weeks and I don't want to do either and I think I might give myself a pass and go shopping instead because honestly.  Life is too short.

Seriously, my neighbour for whom I baked cookies after her mum died?  She told me that her mum lived by the motto 'This life is not a dress rehearsal.'  Knowing it is one thing, living it is the important thing.  And if I am not enjoying time with my beautiful old Singer right now, well, there are other places I can definitely spend it.  Like with my spinning wheel.

Can't do that today either though because I'm off to see my own mum.  No spinning wheel, no Deco - golly I'm off to a good and typical start on this knitalong, aren't I - but also: no sewing.  Huzzah!  And no tripping over the ironing board either.  I had left it out in front of the washing machine, the only place I can use it without setting off the smoke alarm (ask me how I know) so I would be annoyed enough to get the sewing done and it still took me all day to give in.  Now that it's away again, my reward is... so much laundry, so little time.

Time is what I am thinking about today, looking out my window.  It just runs out so fast!  When I was a kid, it was the reverse, and summers dragged on forever.  It took me years of working in an office to realize that things don't actually slow down and stop in the summer - they get busier.  They get slow in the winter, over the religious holidays and a little beyond while people catch up again, in between rushing to finish well at year end and stepping up the rush for tax season and beating their way through waves of colds and 'flu.

I think this is why I love knitting so much.  It's not that I love wearing knitted things, though I have come to love that, or that I think I'm so skilled, because I will always avoid anything tht looks too tricky.  It's because I can double the time available if I can knit while doing something else.  Not always - not if I did wade into something tricky - but often.

I'm taking the bus to see mum, which takes longer than driving.  But you know what? I bet I can finish the second sleeve of the sock sweater during the trip.  And I am really anxious to finish that sweater, even though it is definitely not winter, and - judging by all the green out there - won't be for quite a while.

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Aussie Maria said...

Found your blog via Ravelry and really admire your projects. I am constantly amazed at how time is flying the older I get. Never believed it would happen, and now I wish it would slow right down. :-)
Now off to do a bit more reading of your blog.