Thursday, June 30, 2011

Surprisingly: progress

I ignored the laundry and the kitchen yesterday in favour of a lot of time on YouTube and a lot of staring at my spinning wheel, and ultimately decided to play around with where the drive band goes.


I went from the super huge not-remotely twisted fiber on the right to the intensely thin and twisty stuff on the left.

I did say it was twisty.

Having clarified the problem, I got all that mess off the bobbin, made a few more adjustments to the tension, and started again.

Better, yes?

Well, maybe not perfect yet.  But getting there!


Kathleen Taylor said...

Yes- better! You're getting the hang of it! Woohoo!!!

Kathleen Taylor said...

btw- the single should be twisty, in fact, if you loosen the tension on the yarn itself, it should curl back up on itself like a worm. You need that twist so that when you ply it, the two strands hold together.