Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Taveners socks

I had a terrible shock while winding yarn into twin cakes in aid of knitting up all my Vesper stripeys before the year is out.  While I was digging through things already caked for the purpose and pushing past skeins not yet so treated, I had to face the math:

On top of the Vesper and not counting several other skeins I'm hoarding from Biscotte et Cie, I have lined up 12 pairs of socks to knit in just 6 months.


Something will have to give, or I will have to get faster, or both - probably both.  Anything but stop buying yarn!

Anyway prior to facing The Awful Truth, I hunted patterns at Ravelry and found four I like - two that make pretty stripes prettier, and two that make semisolids sing - and I picked two stripeys to slip into two bags each with one of the pretties to get going with when I'm done the current pair.  (the solids can wait for when I get to the solids.)

Then I did a very clever thing I am recommending as a tip. I hunted again for socks others have made with my exact stripey colourways and found that the very best colour for plain knitting is my very favourite of all the as-yet-unknit skeins.  (this is also how I found one of the stripe-friendly patterns.)

Since I have a long day out today where I will undoubtedly need to pick up and put down more super compact, straight 'no need to look down' knitting than I have on any other needles, I set up the snuggest of the twin cakes with a full ribbing so I can just pick up and go.

It looks like this:

Which reminds me very much of this:

Mum used to keep a tin of Taveners Fruit Drops in the kitchen for treats when I was very small, and though they were just boiled sweets I was fascinated by the deep dredging of powdered sugar they were packed in to keep from sticking. It was very special to be allowed to have one, and even more so to be able to choose an orange one since I was not alone in disliking the more-abundant lemons and the limes. 

I found this tin in a little gift shop last week and had to have it.  Timely, yes?

Anyway, that's the code name for these socks - the Taveners, this time with all the saturated orange a girl could want.  Wish me luck!

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