Monday, June 20, 2011

The incredible shrinking sweater

The last time we visited the cardi I'm making for the Knitting and Tea and Cookies knitalong, I said I feared was making it a size too big.  Here's how far I got before I decided that this was, indeed, true:

And here's how far along I am on the next-smaller size now that I've realized it's still true:

I retook my measurements on the weekend and it looks like even my most feeble effort to peel back the consequences of two years of stress (no eating after 6pm) is bringing those numbers down. Assuming I stick to the 6pm rule into the fall - and I have to for a lot of reasons - I will swim in the cardi if I go on with the size I'm making.  And it is too cold to swim outside in October.

On the bright side, I'll have a highly visible motivator to keep me going, not least because I have just spent a ton on yarn for accessories to coordinate with this exact piece.

Unrelated news: I have pictures of glasses, as requested.

Old, with the cool engraved-in-red temples not quite visible:

New,with the bright white temples not quite visible:

When I look at these I prefer the old ones, but the new are a lot more functional.  The other new ones, when I get them, will fill the 'cool' gap.  I think. Gah.

(and yes, they will also match the knitalong cardi. I did say I'd been wardrobe planning, right?)

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heklica said...

I've lost some weight recently too so I know what it's like. And I certainly hope to lose some more because the sweater I'm knitting at the moment has taken that into account :-/.

I think I like the first ones better too but both look very good on you! Waiting for the third pair :)