Friday, June 17, 2011

Two steps forward, one step back

Looking over the remains of the week I see I completely neglected my cardi for the KAL (well, I did a row most days, but that's pretty slow progress), cast on a new sock and ignored the old ones, dried the Sock Sweater parts but 'forgot' to put them back on the needles or figure out the Fair Isle pattern for the yoke, and did a ridiculous amount of exercise. That last one doesn't have anything much to do with knitting except for eating up knitting time.  Sigh.

What I did get done:

I finally decided on - and placed - my order to Twisted Fiber Art for various sock and shawl goodies. I'm planning quite elaborately for my fall/winter wardrobe for the first time in years. Of course it will take me years to knit it all, but we're not thinking about that right now.

I picked up my new glasses.  Again, nothing much to do with knitting except that the glasses I have now are very wide at the temple and push out the sides of practically every knit hat I design, making them look weird and let in cold air (and now you know why I knit about twice as many hats as make it to published pattern status.)  The new glasses are much snugger.  The other new ones, because I couldn't decide between two very cute but very different frames, are even better than the current new ones. I don't have them yet because I am telling you, 'graduated lenses' (aka TRIfocals, people, GAH, how can this be when I still feel 20?) do not come cheap.  That prescription is being filled next month, to space out the pain.

I totally messed up my friend's sleep cap but scored when I decided it was better for a daytime cloche and designed a simple sleep cap with just one little wrinkle (well, three):

I'll post the pattern next week.  And meanwhile, I've knit the first half of daytime cloche version three - same hat, two sizes down, what was I thinking before?  That one I have to knit again in another yarn before I can share the pattern, so stay tuned.  Both can be used for just regular hats too, of course.

The plan for the weekend: oh dear. Just catch up already.  And clean up the ol' pile of works in progress, again. I really, really want to get it down to five... but I can't beat myself up for getting distracted over chemo caps.  Right?  Right.


Anonymous said...

The wrinkles are fantastic!

I'm only anonymous because Google won't let me comment as myself. KT

heklica said...

Cute hat, like the wrinkles, they look like a raised eyebrow :)

Do take photos of yourself with the new glasses on, I'd really like to see them!