Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Summer planning: moth edition

The other day I had to push past a bag of socks to get some fish out of the freezer and knew I was officially knit-mad.

It's the moths, you see. I don't actually have any, but I do have an awful lot of wool around every room of the house - about twice as much as I did last year when I only had a few projects out at a time - so every time I see  moth fluttering around inside I kind of freak out.  Even though every moth I've seen is the same as every other moth that's accidentally flown into the house over the years, aka not the kind that eats wool.

I freak out about moths because of other people's trouble with them: just last week, I talked to one friend who's still battling moths that came into the house five years ago in a bulk purchase of flour, and another who's moved to a new place with an old moth infestation. 


Skipping over what it would mean to have wool-eating moths in my own house, here is the sort of thing I am doing to be ready for the warm months when my woolies aren't needed:

Putting any new stash into plastic bags that seal - you know which brand I'm talking about - to join the existing stash.

Putting the clean socks into the freezer for a few days, then taking them out for a few, then freezing them again just in case there are any moth eggs in there, then putting them into sealed bags for the duration.

Washing all the wool sweaters and felted wool garments - the latter are easy, since they can be machine washed and dried, but the Carrot Cardi is currently monopolizing a few blocking pads where I would like to block out the Sock Sweater.

Uneasily eying the current works in progress and putting any that look even close to not getting attention for a week into more sealable plastic bags.

Laying the woolies out in the sun - moths dislike bright light and extreme temperatures - is also on the agenda.  Nothing's too good for my wool, I tell ya!  Especially in the face of an imagined threat.

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Oh don't, you're scaring me.