Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why five is better than four

Took my Taveners sock out yesterday. Notice anything different?

No, I don't mean the length.

Three needles. I dropped one of my dpns somewhere very early on in the day and had to limp through on four instead of my usual five. If I'd been knitting with four needles in the first place? DOOM.

But I am not congratulating myself for having bought multiple sets in my preferred sock size of Knitpicks Harmony double pointed needles (which come with extras in case of loss).  I am instead kicking myself for not yet having secured a ridiculously small-cable Addi circular in said size. 

Yes, I know I could also solve the problem by magic looping or using two circular needles, but the goal here is 'insanely compact' for travel in large groups and knitting while walking, so the teeny Addi is the way to go.  Must hunt one up this weekend somewhere... h'mmmm.

Because I chronically overcommit I also brought along the sleep cap and got it as far as I could get into the crown before needing dpns in that size.

There is just a little detail in the front that pulls up the ribbing for a small pretty I hope will not be annoying in use, as it exposes a bit more forehead in that part.  You can barely see it here, I bet.

In the evening I finished the hat and foolishly cut the yarn before trying it on, something I never do because I almost never get a design right the first time.  Naturally it turned out to be about half an inch too short, so I had to frog back and knit more to get to the  new decrease point... and then I got oddly engrossed in a pretty poor movie featuring Tab Hunter (but also Rossano Brazzi!) and knit about an inch beyond the original decrease point, so it's now way too long and I'll have rip back again.  GAH.

It was a nice day out though, so that's good, right?

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heklica said...

I've been away for a while and lo and behold! So many new things, new projects, new yarn... What great socks these will be! Love the colours!