Monday, June 27, 2011

Meet Hubie, the summer intern

Now that it's finally summer (I could tell by the calendar) I'll be starting to take a few days off here and there, which will affect the frequency of weekday posting here at Hugs.  I've been thinking it would be good to have an intern who could help out with that.

His name is Hubert, or rather Hubie; I met him a couple of weeks ago at the hospital gift shop.  On Friday I discovered that somebody had taken up with his twin so I didn't dawdle any further over my hiring decisions. He's spent the weekend settling in amongst the fiber, the results of which will doubtless unfold on my vacation.

Here he is with the current iteration of my Deco cardi for the Knitting and Tea and Cookies knitalong.  I decided to be optimistic and go down two sizes this time - wish me luck on having guessed right.  One good thing about this development - it takes much less time to get through a row, which is helpful when I'm so far behind everybody else. 

I can see some difficulties ahead for Hubie though - those arms are awful short for needles, and he'll definitely have to learn Continental knitting because there's no way he can do the throw method with stumps for hands.  H'mmmmm.


heklica said...

You so made me laugh with him having to learn continental, lol!

Yarn Envy said...

He is a cutie :). I love elephants.

I saw this technique for warm knit mittens and I remembered your trouble with finding warm enough knitted mittens for your area so I thought you might find it useful.

You might have already tried it. If you haven't I hope it solves the cold hand problem in the winter. :D

Mary Keenan said...

I did try thrumming some mitts and they went all lumpy and weird inside, letting all kinds of cold air through and feeling like I had ball bearings down at my fingers. Obviously I missed something in the instructions ;^) Apparently there's a related idea for weaving the roving through each stitch as you knit I thought I might try too!

Glad you like Hubie... he is a big hit here!