Tuesday, September 4, 2012

The story of the purple stripey socks

Short story:

I am putting purple stripes into purple socks.

Long story:

(This version is pretty much the same as the short one except with a lot of digression)

It feels really good to be knitting with more of the romney/mohair yarn.  I think I've been knitting with it for two months now and I'm not bored yet.  though it is true that I enjoy it more at a tight gauge than when on needles too large for the weight of the yarn.  

It has a beautiful sheen, from the mohair.

And it's soft.

Also: hefty.

Yep: happy socks. 

Did you also notice all the white around the sock cuff picture?  That stuff is 'desk'.  also known as 'clear desk'.  I think it was New Year's Day 2011 the last time I had this much 'clear desk'. 

Happy desk.

And another thing that is happy:

I got to Stitch (favourite yarn/fabric store ever, located in beautiful Jordan Village, Ontario) a few minutes before Jocelyn opened it the other morning, so I had time to wander around out front and finish off the socks that were on the stripey-sock needles last.  But I also took time to photograph the front of the shop because hello:

round topiary frames with broomsticks stuck through? 


(I've always thought so, it's just that I'm not always as thirsty for happy things as I am right now.)

I think I might acquire some myself for my own front yard.  Wouldn't it be nice to come home every night to giant woven balls of yarn on your lawn?

But back to the socks (see, I told you I'd be digressing and not just completely changing the subject):  I'm not 100% sure about the size of the stripes - should I stop at three? should I go all down the leg and do a solid foot? should I stripe forever? - but I do know this...

I got the jogless stripe down pat.

Go me!

(and specifically, go me to the sofa for some serious crash time with a sock and some TV.)

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Trish said...

I'm a fan of the stripe all the way down option...