Thursday, November 15, 2012

Progress report: knitting, weaving, procrastinating

I have kept up with the Experiment Socks this week, but the real news is...

The Twined Mittens

I finished them late last night, but this is how far along they were by late afternoon.

They don't stand up on their own any more, being more than a bit top heavy, but they fit perfectly.

My only disappointments are

1/ one is slightly longer than the other (yay for the unpredictability of handspun!)

1/ the fingertip decease is off by about one stitch, just enough to drive me crazy feeling the seam on the tip and nail of the two closest fingers, instead of on their sides.

I'm considering ripping back and fixing that one, but there is so much halo and density to these mitts I'm not sure I could even find the end where I ran it in, so as to pick out the grafting.  Maybe the problem will resolve with blocking?

(I know, I know.)

The Experiment Socks

One is nearly at the toe, the other is just out from its heel gusset.  I could be done this weekend, especially if I go on watching complicated programs with subtitles.  If it weren't for those, the mittens would have been done two days ago and the socks would not be as far along as they are.  Lesson learned: always have some majorly plain knitting on hand because sometimes it's all you can manage.

The Weaving

I haven't talked about my loom in ages because even though it's out, and set up with a nearly-finished scarf, and looking sadly at me whenever I pass it, I have not done a speck of weaving since I started the Experiment about two weeks ago.  Oops! Especially since that scarf is supposed to be a Christmas gift.  I really need to get back on the ball with that but first, there's procrastination

The Procrastinations

Things I should be doing:

1/ winding skeins into cakes
2/ weaving all the cakes into scarves
3/ knitting the experiment socks
4/ finishing the lace socks (on hold for a missing lace chart)
5/ finishing my first 'gnarled' sock (on hold for math)

Things I am doing instead:

1/ wanting to make another pair of mohair mitts
2/ realizing I don't have enough mohair handspun
3/ thinking about spinning some mohair yarn
4/ obsessing about a cowl idea I have no yarn for (how??)
5/ plotting out a hat to match my handspun mitts
6/ wondering whether I should commit to a Pilates class
7/ jotting down notes for some cloth bags I want to make
8/ sneaking cloth from storage for pressing and cutting, see #7

Oh, and grocery shopping too, because things are getting pretty dire around here.  Think today should be a coffee day, or will tea do?

Hope you're able to stay awake for everything you want/have to do today, and I'll see you tomorrow!

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UmmRania said...

YES! Sign up for the pilates class, pilates leaves you feeling awesome!