Thursday, November 29, 2012

Still loving the stripey socks

I was reading yesterday about the burden of unnecessary guilt and stress we take on when we associate tasks with the idea that we should do them.  Obviously sometimes that's smart: you should definitely look for speeding cement trucks before plunging into the road, for example.  But constantly torturing yourself with goals whose purpose will soon be vague to you, or which are not as urgent as you are telling yourself they are, is less than ideal.  In fact, putting those 'shoulds' into perspective is what you really should be doing.

(see what I did there? heh.)

Anyway because I am a compulsive knitting type person I wasn't thinking as I read this nugget of wisdom about how it applies to my philosophies on the way our brains work or how I could be a better, happier person.

Instead I was thinking

HA, I knew I was right to knit a whole lotta stripey sock even though Christmas is coming!

You knew I cast these on last week, right?

This is the travel sock.  I can't believe I got them up to the same advanced place within about five days of starting them.  It looks like a lot of Not Doing What I Should, doesn't it.  But actually it's the result of doing something I not only should have done, but wanted to do (love it when those things match up): taking transit out to see my aunt's new digs.  Half an hour each way on one bus, plus about 20 minutes on the subway each way, and then a little down time here and there... I made so much progress.

Over the weekend I was doing more or less Should things but I still managed to sneak in some sock time, and both of them got a bit farther.

As of now though,

The travel sock is winning.  Big time.  In spite of walking around a ton lately I did get myself onto public transit a couple of times this week, and also, I hung out for some knitting time with Trish.  Amazing how just a little adds up, isn't it?

Today we're back to the Shoulds because WHOA, I've only got two weeks left to do pretty much all the gift crafting!  (how did that happen? surely the stripey socks didn't cause time to speed up?) Thanks to the miracle of audiobooks, however, there's also some Wanna in there.  Phew, because you know, I can only be a virtuous crafty person for so many hours in the day.

Hope you find lots of good Shoulds today yourself - see you tomorrow!

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