Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Stripey handknit socks: I love them so

I hope you weren't expecting to see a pair of finished Christmas socks today because even though I did put in an hour or so on each of them yesterday, they have ever so much competition in the form of mittens and hats and all sorts.  No, what I wanted to show you is a fine-lookin' pair of stripeys in black and blue (and brown, because why not?)

I loved this yarn - it's called 'Rawhide' - when I saw it listed in the Knitterly Things shop (see Yarns tab above), and I did not hesitate.  Mostly because I have learned the hard way that when you do, you lose out.   The shop updates don't happen more than once a week, only a few skeins are available in any given colourway at a time, and they sell so fast.  But also, I knew I was going to want to wear these ones all the time, because most of my wardrobe is black and hello, matchy!

These colours have me pretty much besotted.  There was a brief period when I considered making Man Socks instead of socks for me, but as you may have noticed, socks for me (or anything for me really) usually trumps just about any other consideration.  And maybe this blue is too blue for any of the men I would consider knitting for.

(listen to me saying 'any', like there are more than three, including the one who won't let me knit socks for him in the first place and the two I already knit socks for and can now be lazy about.)

In my opinion, all those knitters who selflessly create works of wooly art for others instead of hoarding every project for themselves are pretty fabulous and much nicer than me.  I do try, really I do - I have such great intentions to do nice knitting things for other people - but somehow I always knit more for myself than anybody else.  Good thing I appreciate and value those particular knits, huh?  It'd be awful if I just nodded and smiled and put whatever it was tactfully into a drawer.

As it is though, and even without putting any fancy stitch pattern into them, I am even more smitten now than I was when these socks were just a skein arriving in the mail.

Hope you have something to look at today that makes you smile, too!

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