Thursday, November 8, 2012

Pumpkin socks and a progress report

I'm torn between referring to these socks as 'pumpkin', or as 'carroty':

Either way, they are super yummy and I like how the darker stripes tone down the orange just the right amount.  Again, this is my base boot weight pattern, very plain.  Both yarns are a romney/mohair blend from Stoddart Family Farm (check out the 'Yarns' tab for the link) and though I know I've said it before: I love this stuff.  I've been knitting with it for quite a while and I'm still nowhere near the end of my enthusiasm for it.  Silvia does an amazing job with dye, and the yarn takes colour beautifully, with a slight sheen from the mohair.

I think of mohair as itchy and in some yarns it really is, but I don't find it to be an issue for this yarn at all.  True, I haven't yet directed any of it into hat form so I guess I don't trust it 100% or I'd put it on my forehead.  But my feet are pretty sensitive too and after a soak in Soak, these socks feel like a little piece of heaven.

Sometimes if you've got a really springy yarn you can look down at your work and see a lovely fabric of perfectly formed stitches.   Not so much with this yarn, which has ideas of its own no matter how consistently you knit.  But when you get the finished product wet and let it dry, it all settles into a uniform fabric that's beautifully smooth and drapey.

I love this yarn so much.  I wonder whether I'm likely to run out before the next Knitter's Frolic?

* * * * *

I'm feeling compulsive now about tracking my progress on the Christmas Socks.  I can see now the experiment is totally rigged, since I'm sneaking my knitting out of my purse even when I know I only have time for maybe 30 stitches, just to get an edge on getting them done.  On the upside, I'm also getting away from the computer faster whenever there is a knitting window, and that's a habit I would like to develop for everyday, so maybe it's good that I'm so driven (by the desire to twine another pair of mittens.)

(nope, still can't find my notes from the last pair.  GAH.)

Anyway here is the At Home Sock as of yesterday noon:

And here is the Travel Sock at the same time:

I may as well tell you that a few hours after I took these pictures I got the At Home Sock entirely through its gusset and onto the foot... before realizing I had left a gap between needles for several rounds at the very beginning of said gusset, and also, that I could not live with the way it looked.  I even tried it on thinking Honestly, once I'm wearing them I'll never know, but I did know and it looked even worse than when it was off.

So: as of this morning, both socks look pretty much the same as they do here.  I may hold off on tomorrow's post till it's light enough to photograph whatever I manage to get done today.  Because, you know, I'm sure you're just as much on the edge of your seat as I am, heh.

Do something nice for yourself if you possibly can, and I'll see you Friday!

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