Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Something else I finished knitting

Man, this place is just a hive of finished-object activity, isn't it?  If only that could last.  Still, I think you will be pleased to know that I finished my Experiment Socks! because it means you can stop hearing about them.

All ready for Christmas after just three years of waiting (well, maybe it's only two the yarn has been sitting in the cupboard.  still.)  The final tally is 17 days of knitting, way down from my usual investment of 2 months.  Go me.

As always: they feel great and the colours are happy skippy jumpy.  Knitterly Things' Vesper Sock Yarn, folks.  Check it out on the Yarns tab; if you like to knit socks or think you'd like to try, you will not be sorry.  I first succumbed on the strength of a photograph in Interweave Knits, back when I still thought it was silly to knit socks.  HA! how wrong I was.

I mean, how else do you get strangers to talk to you on the subway, if not by knitting bright cheery socks while not looking once at your needles?  Seriously, I met a really nice man last week whose grandmother taught him to crochet.  And you know what, I never get tired of hearing from nice men that their grandmothers knit and what they remember those women making.  I love that having a grandparent who made stuff stands out so much in a grownup's memory of him or her, and comes rushing back when said grownup sees a stranger knitting a sock on the subway.  It's like I'm performing a community service while selfishly knitting more socks for me.

You may or may not have noticed something interesting about these socks.

The stripes line up.  Perfectly.  This has never happened to me before - usually I end up about two rows off colour by the time I get to the toe - and I'm taking it as a sign that this year, Christmas will be my idea of perfect.  (which will be easier to achieve if I adapt my idea of perfection to whatever actually occurs, and as it occurs.)

Of course, you know that once one pair of socks is off my sock needles, another pair has to go on, immediately, lest I get caught without travel knitting.

Isn't it lucky I had another skein of Vesper Sock in mostly-Christmas colours?

Thanks for sticking with me through the Experiment - see you tomorrow!

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