Monday, November 19, 2012

Two-End Mittens, homespun edition

I did so many things over the weekend! but taking advantage of having another person around to have pictures taken of my newly completed homespun mittens was unfortunately not one of them.  So when I realized it was Sunday and the next time I could wrangle somebody into helping me out would be just as the sun was setting, I improvised.

I call this one, 'picking up the Gramma step' (the hunk of wood born of a need to help Gramma into the pickup truck at the farm, then painted red for pretty):

And this one, 'hands up!':


'Arty Nature Pose':

'Climbing the wall':

'Mail order mate':

Ugh, I know.  Time to quit captioning and just talk mitts.

These ones are so not as elegant as the fingering weight version, where the twist is tight enough to reflect light.  They are much more rustic and up close, even fuzzy.

I like the effect I got of both horizontal (from the colour shifts in the wool before I spun it) and vertical (from alternating two independently-spun cakes) stripes.

And they fit, even though one is still a bit shorter than the other from the variation in yarn diameter that still seems to come naturally for me with handspun.

In a word, or rather three, I love them.  Without even knowing whether they will be warm enough on a cold day.  And I really need to get going on a matching hat... but that's another story for later in the week and so far, it doesn't have a happy ending.  Stay tuned!

(and have a great day, 'kay?)

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