Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Red Coat, and other irresistible temptations

There's some knitting in today's Hug, I promise, but first: I just gotta show you my new red coat!

Background story

There's a store I can always count on to have just the right clothes - by which I mean both suitable and flattering - for any situation (summer funeral, winter wedding, overconsumption of chocolate, you name it.)  Not only is it a great place to have in your corner, the staff there keep track of what you like and call you personally when they're having a sale.  Seriously, who does this any more?

Apparently not them, because a couple of weeks ago their call was to tell me their lease has expired and they're retiring (so everything is on sale.)  I'm pretty sure you can imagine the mixture of feelings I had about this, which were dominated by


but also, 'h'mmm, better drop in there.'

The Feeding Frenzy

Last week while walking to meet Jill who needed more yarn,

(of course, you will understand that after showing somebody how to knit, you can't let them go off to any yarn stores without you, especially if you yourself have recently excavated storage space for slightly more yarn),

I thought mournfully of the store that was closing and then remembered I'd mentioned it to Jill and had been wanting to have a shopping date there with her for a couple of years at least.

So after yarn shopping - I know, I probably just skipped over the only bit of the day's events you care about, but fear not - I mentioned it to her and she had time so we went.

And ooooomigosh.  Everything really was on sale, up to 90% off.  I got a little crazy.

The Red Coat

The red coat was the first thing to land in the 'must have' pile.

Just look at the cute buttons!

and how perfectly it matches the Clockwork I knit lo these many seasons ago and almost never wear!

The Rain Coat

I kept walking past this thing and thinking it was a dress missing its belt but it turned out to be a nearly weightless raincoat, with giant compact-umbrella-friendly pockets.  It came in two colours.  Jill got the other one.

Mine turned out not to be beige, but purple and yellow check:

I think the check is too teeny to be seen in a photograph, but trust me.  And expect some purple scarf activity at some point.

ps I tested the water repellent properties of this coat during yesterday's rains, and it did a pretty good job except for not having a hood.  I am considering acquiring one of those plastic rain bonnets.  too tacky?

The Pirate Vest

I'm always looking for long vesty things so there was no way I was passing this up:

I know it's hard to believe from this picture but it's super flattering on.  And more to the point...

... it has pockets big enough for a sock in progress.  Knitting pockets are very very important, don't you think?

And the belt at the back can be a bonus band of colour, or a waist accent if I ever feel like buttoning it up tighter for a different shape.

The Poncho And Its Friend

I am not a poncho person so when the girls in the store suggested I try this on I was skeptical:

Then Jill advocated for it - this is why it's so important to shop with a friend when you can - and after some thought I agreed that yes, it would be a very practical thing to have especially with a springtime trip to Italy looming, being dress-up or dress-downable, light weight, very drapey, not too warm, and with potential for wearing open or closed thanks to the button band.

I should have taken a picture of its construction because truly: so easy to knit this shape.  It's a big rectangle with a hole for your head and a button band down the front.  

When I got it home I found another way to wear it which is my favourite:

Button band shifted toward one shoulder, matching scarf draped prettily, and two buttons open for my arm to slip through.

(yes, it's true: I bought a knit scarf.  in beige.  c'mon, who's gonna knit themselves a beige scarf? so much better to buy it ready-made.  just like the dark grey knit sweater I also bought because it fit perfectly and is super incredibly huggable.)

And Now, The Yarn Store

I wasn't nearly as bad at the yarn store, but I did finally cave in and bought myself my first Koigu:

The plan is to use it for Carol's apparently annual Turkish Bed Socks.  But judging by the frequency with which orange yarn with hits of green in it get made into socks for me around here, I may have to keep you posted.

I hope you're able to not resist some fabulous things today.  See you tomorrow, for a post with no new clothes in it at all! (unless I knit them myself, of course.)

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Anonymous said...

A rain bonnet would be handy to keep in the pocket as a Plan B - IMHO the fold-up concertina kind look much less tacky than the 'visors' with that ugly piping across the crown. But a nice bright-colored umbrella, a brand-name not a crappy reject shop 'special', is vital.