Thursday, January 10, 2013

Reversals, in knitting and life

Well, it's a good thing I prepared myself for the possibility of posting after dawn today because last night, my router died and the local stores don't open till 10am to sell people like me nice shiny new ones.

That's pretty typical of my week, which has been decidedly dodgy so far.  Among the less distressing developments:

I somehow managed to knit an entire sock cuff without noticing I had turned the knitting inside out after the first needle of four, thereby knitting back the wrong way and ending up with two more rows on one needle than on all the others.  I noticed the problem on Tuesday and I'm still ripping back now... because it's my travel sock and I only work on those Out.  I think I need to bring it In so I can get it all sorted out again.

After finally deciding on yarn I'd like to crochet with, I found out what size hook I'd need for it and bought one, only to discover the indenty part of the hook which is supposed to catch the yarn long enough to get it through the loop is totally flat, and unable to catch a cold.  (I realize that is not a good image because it couldn't even if it wanted to, being inanimate, but you get the idea.)

Then I fell in love with one of my Aunt Paula hooks, a cheery turquoise with a really good grab at the end, and couldn't find any yarn that would work with the size of it and that isn't already committed to knitting.

But who needs to dwell on the bleh?

Happy Thoughts

Naps (next one due in 3... 2... 1...)

Really good tea in a really good mug (pre-nap)

Good books (in my Kindle, which are actually being read by me)

Pretty picture of textiles (in my crochet book, of all places)

Coffee with a friend - oh! this one gets a whole comment.  I saw Jan on Tuesday, and here is how awesome she is.  She found a book about crochet for travel and wrote down all the info for me.  Isn't she nice?  Plus she does actually crochet and will show me where I'm going wrong if I don't figure it out myself.  I still have to check out the book but I'll let you know how that goes later.

Coffee with a surprise friend - again: more detail.  On our way to the coffeeshop Jan and I ran into a mutual friend I have not seen in six years at least, and who actually had time to join us.  She had vanilla tea, and Jan and I had espresso things in tall glasses which were a bit burny under our fingers but so pretty.  Grownups: it's so nice to pretend to be them sometimes.

Vanilla/Orange scented skincare - somebody sent me a sample of this lotion, plus the corresponding body wash, from John Masters Organics and Omigosh!  It doesn't give me a headache, I had no allergic reaction to it whatsoever, and it smells amaaaaazing.  So I bought the standard sizes.  It is after all winter, and one needs a lift when one does not see a lot of sun.

... and let's not forget floaty alpaca sweaters on a supercold day.

 Okay: time for that nap.  Later on I'll be digging out from the dreck to get back to ground level and then maybe tomorrow (hoping against hope) I can start moving forward again.  Wish me luck!


UmmRania said...

I am also planning on learning Crochet here soon (if I can ever take a break from getting stuff knit that I need, RIGHT NOW!)

Sounds like a super fun day you had.....except for the socks, but that is funny so I hope you could laugh it off.

datlene said...

BooHoo on the knitting reversal. I have never done that but... I use a Boye crochet hook and I love them. Try them.