Monday, February 11, 2013

Dance party socks and a decoupage fireplace cover

At last, my Holiday Boogie Woogie socks get their day to shine:

In a manner of speaking, that is.  It is way, way too cold out to take pictures in natural light, so I had to make do with dimmer indoor pictures. 

In case you're wondering, the backdrop is a giant decoupage project I started about seven years ago and have yet to finish.

I have kind of given up on ever doing that, since that one winter raccoons nested in the fireplace cavity that lies behind it and did unspeakable things to the wrong side.

The idea was pretty good originally: the fireplace is pretty much unusable since, if there's a fire in it, the furnace thinks it can go on vacation from the whole house, which is only great if you have a lot more food to keep cold than will fit into the refrigerator and wanted to sleep on the floor in the living room.  And if you're not using this particular fireplace, it is really annoying that you have to keep cleaning it out because stuff keeps falling into it.  Especially if you hate cleaning, and I do.

To resolve these various issues, I affixed some plywood to the super cheap 1980s fireplace surround and started this art project.

(Later I painted the fireplace surround to bring it up to the 90s.  Charming, yes?)

The nursery-style alphabets were from some retro wrapping paper I found in a local card shop... some other bits were from an inexpensive Group of Seven print, a calendar of 1930s travel destinations, wrapping paper with teacups on it, some more wrapping paper with pictures of stamps, and I think a couple of snips were from a calendar of old Vogue covers as well.  I tried to be clever about the placement of some things, but my favourite was the train I cut from a New Yorker ad and glued along the lower edge.  The sofa is covering it now so: sorry, no picture.

Still - fun project!  Someday I should start another and frame it, or at least put it somewhere a bit safer.

And now, back to the socks.

Isn't it great how the stripes - including the tiny green one between two pinks, just at the ankle - all lined up perfectly?

Right up to the very last moment.

Superpink toes for sock A, a hint of pink for sock B.  Love love love these socks.

And now I'd better go love love love this day.  Take care and have a good one yourself!


Unknown said...

What gorgeous socks!

Leslie said...

I love the socks! They were my favorite until I finished Joyous yesterday.