Thursday, February 21, 2013

Too much matchy: stripey socks and watches

I stopped wearing a watch about a year ago, in part because the band on my most recent watch got really murky-looking and couldn't be cleaned or changed, and in part because I didn't like the way it made a lump in the cuff of my handknit mittens.  I know, I know.  Priorities!

To tell the time, I've been compulsively pulling out my cell phone, but when I go on this vacation thing that's coming up, I'm probably not taking the phone.  So recently I went out shopping for a new watch that would be flat on my wrist because I had this crazy idea to bring fingerless gloves along (if I ever finish knitting them.)
Hello, Swatch.  The 'skin' line is so thin, it's like wearing a quarter that weighs a lot less than a quarter should. In fact these things are so light you don't know you have anything on at all if you don't glance down at it. 

So: I did buy that black-banded watch up there (with shopping points!) and I do love it but... oh dear, it's just so very utilitarian looking.  It's true that my approach to fashion these days is Everything Black, so as to showcase Super Stripey Handknit Socks, but... erm, did I say 'utilitarian'?

And also, it's easy to swap out Swatch bands.  Much, much easier than it is to have said Swatch bands shipped to Canada because for some reason the US site doesn't do that little thing.  So about a week after discovering that I found myself entirely by accident (ahem) at the local Swatch kiosk and

Yippeeee! they had in stock the stripey band I'd fallen for online!

It is awesome.  It matches so many of my newest socks.  And it was super easy to put on, with the assistance of a 2.0mm double pointed knitting needle to get the post started, and a pretty leaf-topped pin to get it going the rest of the way out.

Yep, awesome.


If only the stripey watch band didn't look so wrong, on.  I don't know whether it's the Zing next to the Solid of the watch face, or the thought of the Zing distracting from the Zing of my socks, but... oh dear.

I had to go back because I like this better.
(but not quite as much as I do the second watch to which I succumbed while I was buying the strap.  am I this bad with yarn, too?)

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