Thursday, February 28, 2013

Running in ends on Dapper handknit socks

At last, I have finished those Dapper stripey socks I showed you:

But man, was that a lot of ends to run in!

this is the price of changing colours for the cuffs and heels and toes, which I really think looks fantastic but is only just worth the extra effort because I don't love running in ends.

I'm not even sure I'm good at it, though I know this angled approach that Trish taught me does hide the tail end effectively.

I just wish it hid it as well on the wrong side, because I am still thinking socks would look fabulous worn purl side out.  But maybe that's just too much to ask of stripes?  It would probably be fine with a solid colour.

Or not.  Can you see where I've run in ends to the same shade of stitches?  I can.

Anyway, they're done:

And so cute:

And now I want to knit more socks.  Will this obsession never end?

(hopefully not as long as I like to wear them, right?)

Yarn details
Twisted Fiber Art, 'Dapper' colourway, on Duchess base yarn
Brown is the 'Suede' coordinate
Blue is the 'Denim' coordinate

See you tomorrow!


Kate/Massachusetts said...

Your socks are lovely!

Have you seen this technique for weaving in your ends? It works really well.

Unknown said...

very beautiful socks

Mary Keenan said...

Thanks guys!!

UmmRania said...

Awesome! I also love the wrong side where of stripes, I am surprised that I havent seen any designers use it yet.