Thursday, February 28, 2013

Running in ends on Dapper handknit socks

At last, I have finished those Dapper stripey socks I showed you:

But man, was that a lot of ends to run in!

this is the price of changing colours for the cuffs and heels and toes, which I really think looks fantastic but is only just worth the extra effort because I don't love running in ends.

I'm not even sure I'm good at it, though I know this angled approach that Trish taught me does hide the tail end effectively.

I just wish it hid it as well on the wrong side, because I am still thinking socks would look fabulous worn purl side out.  But maybe that's just too much to ask of stripes?  It would probably be fine with a solid colour.

Or not.  Can you see where I've run in ends to the same shade of stitches?  I can.

Anyway, they're done:

And so cute:

And now I want to knit more socks.  Will this obsession never end?

(hopefully not as long as I like to wear them, right?)

Yarn details
Twisted Fiber Art, 'Dapper' colourway, on Duchess base yarn
Brown is the 'Suede' coordinate
Blue is the 'Denim' coordinate

See you tomorrow!


Kate/Massachusetts said...

Your socks are lovely!

Have you seen this technique for weaving in your ends? It works really well.

Unknown said...

very beautiful socks

UmmRania said...

Awesome! I also love the wrong side where of stripes, I am surprised that I havent seen any designers use it yet.