Friday, March 1, 2013

Tea and knitting, and other odds and ends

While tidying up the other day I found this card with a picture of a knitted tea cosy on the front:

That's what I saw this time, at least.  When this was given to me I was on a break from knitting and probably only saw Tea And Cookies, which is what I see a lot of the time anyway.

(Did I tell you that when I reorganized my kitchen a few weeks ago, I assessed the different work areas and what they're used for, and realized all the prime cupboard space over the prime work area is given over entirely for the production of tea and plates of cookies? 'What your kitchen says about you', oh dear.  If I find I'm storing my biscuit pantry in the oven I'll know I have a serious problem.)

* * * * *

Yesterday Kate put a link into the Comments for a page of tips on running in ends from verypink.  This site is such a great find I wanted to bring it up into today's post.  I spent ages looking around at things Staci has posted there, including tips on crochet for knitters (how timely!)

The big thing there is the videos, of which this is one:

And from there you can see lots of others: something for you (by which I also mean me) to do while lingering over a cup of tea when it's very important not to notice other less interesting but more urgent things on the To Do list.

* * * * *

I got a little sample skein in my last package from Twisted Fiber Art, and I was instantly besotted:

It's called Sherwood, and it's a colourway I've passed over more times than I can count when considering new yarns at Twisted, for some reason I am having trouble comprehending now.  I guess sometimes you have to see something in person?  Or maybe, have something in mind?  (I'm visualizing socks, which I am pretty sure will surprise you.)

Anyway: besotted, obsessed, determined-to-purchase.  And guess what?

This colourway is not currently being dyed to order.  Which means I have to wait.  Which is what happened with the Dapper, and you know how that came out... when it was finally available again I bought a bunch and then knit two pairs of socks with it and am a bit jumpy about wanting to knit more.  Le sigh.

* * * * *

I got another cute card in the mail not long ago, with this sweet seal on the back of the envelope:

The cover looks like this:

And if you ever needed a reminder of what to drink with cookies while knitting, this would solve the problem.  (my favourite is the blue cup with flowers growing on it.)

What this card is missing though is a cosy for the pot - also missing - and that reminds me of Kate Davies' Sheep Carousel, which I'm sure you'll agree every knitter who drinks tea should have in their most convenient kitchen cupboard. I really need to sort out some yarn for knitting that with.  Obviously not Sherwood though.

* * * * *

Another thing I'm reminded of, this time by that verypink video about knitting socks on two circular needles, is that I have been thinking of learning how to knit socks that way.  It looks overly busy to me and though I know some people swear by it, I've never been tempted.  But now that my trip is getting closer, it seems less and less realistic that I can get through two weeks without working on a sock.  Circulars just make more sense for the places I'm going, if I can figure it out.

Another motivator: the Addi Needle Shop is selling Sock Rockets.  I'd never heard of these before - they are new, just out - but now they seem essential.

Or maybe I just love knitting tools?

* * * * *

I think that's it for me for today: lots of running around to do and sadly, none of it yarny.  I hope your weekend is lovely, with or without tea, but definitely with knitting!

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