Monday, March 25, 2013

The yarn calm at the eye of the non-knitting storm

Omigosh, the mayhem: I'd forgotten what it's like to prep for a long trip far away.  Luckily I've been able to acquire more yarn because there is nothing more effective for distracting you from the packing gear and freshly washed and folded clothing strewn over every horizontal surface in your home.

This yummy stuff is Noro 'Odori', which is so bulky the label recommends using a 10mm or even 11mm needle.  That quality makes it perfect for my new 10mm crochet hook, and the black-white-grey-brown skein is perfect for my depressingly non-springlike travel wardrobe.  I'm pretty sure I can crochet most of a cowl with it in the lounge before I even get on my flight, and then put it on to help me keep warm while I try to sleep on the plane, later.

Sleepytime Napstation, that's what that yarn is.  Unless I wear it out at night in Florence and Rome, in which case it's going to be Eveningtime Glamstation.  Gotta love accessories that multitask.  Even if they are redundant because there are already some pretty fabulous bright scarves in the suitcase.

On the way back when I have 10 waking hours to fill, I'm thinking I'll work with the gorgeous pink.  Love how it takes cheery to unheard-of levels of aggression.

but also with the pretty green, which I think will be calming.  Kind of like that mushroom in Alice In Wonderland, where nibbling on one side will make you bigger and the other will make you smaller.  Except, you know, it's yarn.  And you don't eat it.

This stuff is made up more of inedible silk than anything else, but the anything else includes inedible wool, angora, and mohair.  Luscious? I should say so. There was a 100% wool Noro at the store in the same weight, but it just wasn't as next-to-skin friendly so I splurged on the Odori.

Of course, as I suggested earlier, it is ridiculous of me to think of making a cowl out of black and brown yarn for an April holiday because hello? spring?  Pete bought all these great, colourful things over the weekend and I died a little inside.  There's got to be more to Life As Tourist than dark colours that go with everything and won't show tomato sauce.

Something like a springy green cowl, maybe?

(bad Mary.  that one is supposed to be a gift.)

I have a feeling this week might be a bit patchy here at Hugs as my own personal head begins to fall off, but at the same time I'm thinking I might be perfectly okay and capable of showing you finished socks and how to make the cool thing I knit to go with my white noise solution.  I mean honestly: I've acquired just about everything I could possibly need and all that's left are a few administrative-y things like photocopying my passport and learning how to do different Cat's Cradle-ish string games...

... because it's the best way I can think of it play with yarn for hours without a single tool, and never use it up.  I could never reach the excellence of this small girl, but I can dream.

Speaking of dreams, I hope this is the start of the week of yours.  See you tomorrow!

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