Monday, March 4, 2013

Stop motion handknit socks

Under cover of other things, I've been making steady progress in the Joyous socks.  Since socks have become such a fixture here I thought this time I'd show you in sort of a stop motion format:

For a long time there were just a couple of cuffs going on.  Then I got in some subway trips and made it onto the leg.

I had similar success at home:

But honestly: both of these legs just went on and on for. ever.

Then, suddenly:

Splat! onto the heel.  This is where things start speeding up, always, you know?  Last week I was talking to someone who just knit her first sock and she said the leg got pretty dull but once she was onto the gusset and foot the time just went.  Which is pretty much my experience too (and I sure hope it is this time.)

So far so good!  And how cute is that red stripe between two greens, at the ankle?

Vesper socks, I love them so.  Last week it was even warm enough one day to wear some, which reminded me how much I like spring when it's still a little chilly and handknit socks are far from a hardship to wear.  This week: so darned cold, and it's all about the mohair and the alpaca.  Also not a hardship, but a lot less stripey.

Have a good day today, and if you see a stripe, I'd so appreciate your wishing on it for super speedy socks from my needles.  Because, you know, I'm pretty sure that kind of stuff works.

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Leslie said...

Wait 'til you get February's's gorgeous. I was going to start it while I was away at this conference, but I needed a pattern that required me to think a little...not sure I like the one I chose, but I'll give it a little while to see!