Thursday, March 7, 2013

New socks for spring

Yesterday I opened my mailbox and found this inside:

It's the latest yarn from Knitterly Things' sock club, and I must say the name alone (Spring! Ahead!) is great marketing.

I mean, check out the context of my front yard:

I was so depressed looking at all that nowhere-near-melting-enough snow, I had to go back inside and eat the last of the flower cupcakes.

(it was delicious.)

Now, if you ask me, this sock yarn is saying one thing and one thing only:

"If you don't have me in sock form in time for Easter weekend, the next two+ weeks will have been a complete waste of your life."

So even though I have a whole Level One box of Rosetta Stone Italiano to get through

(which I am doing even though I am almost all the way through the first lesson and still don't know how to say 'thank you' and am wondering when I will need to know how to say "the men are eating" or why that is even more important)

I went ahead and wound the skein into cakes.

Now the only problem is the fact that my sock needles are full of

a/ Joyous socks and

b/ fingerless gloves.

Well, there's that, and there's also the fact that I am at this moment wearing Vesper socks I knit on 2.25mm round needles, and yesterday I wore Vesper socks I knit with the 2.5mm square needles currently housing those two other projects, and there is simply no contest.  The 2.5mm needles produce a bumpy sock that may or may not felt in boots enough over time to be comfy, and the 2.25mm needles produce heaven.


Clearly, I have some shopping to do, and then some seriously fast knitting.  But in good news: I could hear birds singing this morning, for the first time in ages.

Hope you get some cheerful birds into your day too.  Or better still, some cheerful yarn.  See you tomorrow!

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justmeandtwo said...

Your yarn looks lovely! I, too, heard birds this morning and took note. I thought I was the only one. When I got to work there was a noisy crew of three saying keep away. Best of luck with the Italian!