Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Knitting, in black and white

I finished one of my second Circus socks:

though I haven't yet run in the ends, of course.  Or grafted the toe.

What do you think about the patterned leg and all-black foot?  It allows me to have two pairs of socks in this yarn and colour design which is a plus, but I also feel kind of sad looking at them because I'm a bit compulsive about sticking with one design all the way down to the toes.


Owing to the dire state of my sock laundry - I ended up not washing socks till Sunday, which means I have been digging deeply into the back of the sock drawer - I have been revisiting my first pairs of socks where I knit ribbing straight down the front of the leg and foot, and left the backs plain.

I don't love that I did this with too few stitches, such that the socks feel a bit tighter than I'm used to now, but... they look so cool!  I'd forgotten how much so.  I think I might have to sacrifice the ease of knitting plain stockinette for the duration of each sock for another go at this decorative business.

End Digression

I suspect the balance of my feelings on these socks leans, very slightly, to the side of gratitude (not least for the longer leg on this pair) because I mostly do like them.

They look especially cute with some snow on them, don't you think?

Hard as it is to believe looking at these very peaceful pictures of a single sock: both pairs of circus socks are at the heart of a swirling controversy that has nothing to do with colour and everything to do with weight (by which I mean: whether or not they will fit into my travel shoes.)  But that is a story all its own so I will have to tell you later in the week, if there's time.  I'll try though because I know there's nothing you love more than a long angsty essay on shoes and socks.  Who doesn't?

After that, I have to tell you about that cool project I made up, too... in the same yarn, so I hope you're not getting tired of it.  And if you are: good news, I'm about to take off for a couple of weeks! and you'll be spared for a while.

See you tomorrow, with whatever it is I've managed to take pictures of.  Have a marvelous day, won't you?

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