Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Intruder alert: balloon edition

The other day I was absently walking past the side door of my house when a Thing bobbed at its window, and scared the knitting needles straight out of my hands.

A... birthday balloon?

I have no idea whose birthday warranted its arrival in the great outdoors, but it was caught for the longest time in the air currents swirling through my driveway.

Of course, I had to take pictures.  

Once I knew it wasn't a threat (though now that I think of it, anything rushing more birthdays at a person could well be considered as such) I found it pretty endearing.

And then it moved on.

Oh! and while I have you here:

look, some knitting.  (I'm onto the toes now, for both socks.  go mary go.)

And also: pretty cherry blossoms, courtesy of Hello Sandwich.  We're weeks away from cherry blossoms where I live, but Hello Sandwich lives in Japan.  Lucky girl.

And now: off I go.  Hope you have a lovely day without any scary Birthday monsters in it, and I'll see you tomorrow!


Helena said...

A balloon summoned, I wold guess, by intuition of a matching sock.

Anonymous said...

I think the socks match the balloon, Mary!
I did have a balloon land in my yard many years ago...and it had a $10 bill neatly tied to the string. I felt badly keeping it, as I thought it must have escaped from some poor kid at the fair. But I did keep it, since I had no way of finding its owner.